THE AIM OF THE ASSOCIATION is to improve the quality of life and the health perception of patients through the following activities:


Bring together Belgian patients with ALK-positive lung cancer (ALK+), and support them in finding suitable Belgian specialists and care facilities.

Provide information to Belgian ALK+ lung cancer patients about the latest treatments, scientific developments and clinical studies, both in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world.

Raise awareness of ALK+ lung cancer.


To raise awareness about ALK+ lung cancer:

  1. To fight the stigma that lung cancer is a disease of smokers among the general public
  2. To promote the best treatments for patients, even at an advanced stage among health professionals.
  3. With policy makers, such as the Belgian government (INAMI, AFMFS, etc.) to improve access to therapies/medicines.
  4. With relevant international organisations/associations, especially LUng Cancer Europe, ALK positive NL, DE, FR, UK and US (and other patient groups…) to build a strong network;
  5. Liaise with the pharmaceutical industry to make ALK+ lung cancer treatment a priority.
  6.  Raising funds to promote these objectives, for projects that benefit Belgian patients